CSS, Ajax, Jquery Slider


CSS, Ajax, Jquery Slider
i can do this ajax slider with jquery. i am being as a web& ui developer for 3.5 years, i can be completed your requirement by time & quality manner.

This slider will be faced following terms:

Implement a simple Image gallery using AJAX and JQuery.
The page will display the images specified (image specifications files will be provided), with the details loaded via AJAX (not .getJson());
your code should make extensive use of JQuery to handle the JavaScript coding.
'Previous' and 'next' buttons will allow users to move through the image collection.
The associated image data will be displayed on the screen for the currently visible image, and will update as that image changes; if no data for a given field is provided, you should hide that field.
Reaching the end of the images and hitting next will load the first image, while hitting previous on the first image will load the final image.
An update button will reload the file and start at the beginning of the images.
The page will include an attractive visual design to best present the materials.
Bonus points will be assigned for having the images automatically cycle every 5 seconds (while still including 'previous' and 'next' buttons), and for including a transition animation when changing images and details.
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CSS, Ajax, Jquery Slider

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